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There are many kinds of cooking pots in the kitchen, as the saying goes: what kind of dish to make and what kind of pot to use. The frying pan is used to fry vegetables, the soup pot is used to stew soup, and the pan is used to fry fish, meat and eggs. Flat bottom stainless steel frying pan can bring us convenience in frying. What are the precautions in use?

No air burning & nbsp; < br / > When using the surface processed pan, please pay attention to the problem of empty burning. If the stainless steel pan is heated without any ingredients, the temperature will rise immediately, and the surface processing materials will be easily damaged by ignition. The fire with the flame beyond the bottom of the pan is also easy to cause damage to the pan, so please pay more attention. The stainless steel pot is evenly heated and the heat transfer speed is very fast, so it must be heated with a small fire.

Can't use metal spatula & nbsp; < br / > A scraper or spatula must be used for cooking in a non stick pan, but a metal spatula cannot be used for a surface processed pan. Please use a wooden spatula with high temperature and heat resistance. Although some pans can also use metal spatulas, the sharp edged spatulas are easy to damage the pans, so it is best to avoid using them. Some frying pans have honeycomb bottoms. If you use a shovel with sharp corners for a long time, the honeycomb layer will be damaged, and the frying meat will lead to sticking to the pan.

Clean with a soft sponge & nbsp; < br / > When cold water is injected into the pan just after cooking and when it is still hot, the surface processing materials are easy to be damaged. Should wait for the pan to cool down, while the dirt is not stuck, clean it with a kitchen towel, and then clean it with a soft sponge with a neutral detergent. Brush hard with sponge rough surface, it will damage the pan. Pay special attention to it.

Dry the water with a cloth towel & nbsp; < br / > The pan needs a clean cloth to dry the water after washing. Only the iron pan can be fired to dry the water, otherwise, the surface processing pan will be damaged like the air burning, so it can not be burned dry. Dry the water to avoid oxidation and rust.