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< div > with the improvement of national income, people also have new requirements for the quality of life, such as using, eating, playing, etc. they all want to pursue health, want to be healthy is a good thing, but you know how to be healthy? For example, cooking pots, plates, chopsticks, etc. do you know which material is the best? Today, let's give you a comparison!
1、 Pot: < br / > 1. Stainless steel pot: < br / > The stainless steel pot meeting the requirements of food grade 304 is the material selected by most manufacturers, with stable performance, and the cooking method of stainless steel pot is also healthy, less Chinese style stir fry. If there are higher requirements for stainless steel, a few manufacturers will choose 316 stainless steel, which is more stable and corrosion resistant than 304 stainless steel!
2. Iron pot < br / > At present, iron pot is a relatively safe pot, which is also used by most families. However, to buy the original pig iron pot, it does not contain other chemicals, will not oxidize, will not have dissolved substances, and there is no shedding problem. Iron pot has a relatively easy to affect health is its rust, water on the iron pot is easy to rust, which is not good for health.
3. Non stick pot < br / > If it meets the national standard, it is OK to use it at medium and low temperature; if the temperature of dry burning or frying oil exceeds 250 ℃, the coating may be damaged and the toxic substances may be incorporated into the food.
4. Casserole < br / > The real casserole is suitable for making soup and preserving the original taste of food. However, you need to polish your eyes to buy a real casserole.
5. Ceramic pot < br / > There is no problem with regular brand products, but it is not suitable to contain acid food; some poor porcelain tableware glaze color contains lead, long-term use may cause heavy metal poisoning.
6. Aluminum pot < br / > High temperature or metal shovels collide and rub with aluminum pans when cooking, or dishes with strong acid and alkali may release aluminum components, and regular eating can accelerate people's aging.
2、 Board: & nbsp; < br / > 1. Bamboo board < br / > No cracking, no deformation, wear-resistant, hard, good toughness, easy to use, sanitary. The best choice is glueless gluing, that is to say, the bamboo vegetable board which is completely strengthened by bolt fastening technology or bamboo stick connection.
2. Plastic vegetable board < br / > It's beautiful and light, but if it's not dry, bacteria can easily reproduce and be used, but keep dry.
3. Vegetable board < br / > It is natural but bulky, with a lot of wood gaps, easy to produce cracks, and it can store dirt and dirt, especially after washing, it is not easy to dry, and it has become an important place for breeding bacteria.
3、 Chopsticks: & nbsp; < br / > 1. Bamboo and wood chopsticks < br / > Bamboo and wooden chopsticks are economical and affordable. It is better to choose the natural color and have a layer of qualified lacquer.
2. Stainless steel chopsticks < br / > Avoid contact with acid, alkali and salt, prevent the surface oxide film from being damaged, which is not suitable for the use of the elderly and children. Also, be careful to burn your lips when taking hot dishes.
3. Ceramic chopsticks < br / > Health is not practical, relatively heavy, and inconvenient to use, especially when children use it, it is easy to fall to the ground.
4. Plastic chopsticks < br / > It is easy to deform after heating, and unqualified products are easy to produce harmful substances to human body after heating. And long-term disinfection in the disinfection cabinet is also easy to produce physical reactions.
5. Bone chopsticks < br / > Good texture, expensive, not suitable for daily use, suitable for collection.