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1. Advanced materials
The cooker adopts the integrated forming process of five layer steel aluminum aluminum steel composite steel, the outer layer is 430 magnetic conducting stainless steel, the middle three layers are 1060 superconducting hot aluminum alloy, and the inner layer is 18 / 10 stainless steel which meets the medical stainless steel standard. Durable, not easy to rust and deformation, easy to clean and maintain; no chemical coating, no harmful substances.
2. Original flavor
Five layer composite bottom - fast and even heat conduction, less oil smoke, avoid burning, energy saving and time saving. Close pot cover locks heat and water vapor. Through the formation of steam lock, the unique low-temperature water-free cooking method can be realized, reducing the excessive intake of edible oil, maintaining the original taste, reducing the loss of vitamins, and preserving the delicious food.
3. Save time and effort
The specially pressed multi-layer copper silver composite structure pot bottom is more time-saving and labor-saving, and the heat conduction is rapid. The experiment results show that 70% and 55% gas are saved respectively compared with traditional boiling method and frying method.
4. Excellent quality
We have cooperated with shuangliren and futenbao to produce and process kitchenware products.
5. Advanced technology
The uncoated design is healthy and can lock the nutrition of the food itself. As long as the oil is put in the cold pot and the food is put after the oil is hot, it will not stick to the pot!