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Yesterday, in the public address, a customer responded to some questions about using the pot, and said that when the meat dishes were turned into soy sauce, the condition of the dry pot began to appear. The sauce was basically attached to the pan. In addition, when the oil is poured into the cooking, when the onion, ginger and garlic are heated, the oil will splash out of the pot, and the cooking ranges are full of oil stains. And the weight of the frying pan is too heavy. The ear position of the frying pan is too hot to touch after frying. Most of the time, the dishes are basically served with a spoon by the side of the pan. For the housewife with weak arms, it's a very physical thing to serve vegetables. Do you have any suggestions?

I want to answer these questions. There are three details to pay attention to when using the stainless steel pot we normally buy home.

First of all, before using the pot for the first time, the pot must be cleaned with white vinegar and then washed with hot water. The pot can only be used after being dried inside and outside.

Secondly, pay special attention to < br / > &Use medium and small fire to cook!
-- medium and small fire means that the flame does not exceed the pan chassis.
-- the advantage of cooking with medium and small fire is to save energy, and the cooking utensils are not easy to turn yellow and black.
2. Before cooking, wipe the water or oil stain inside and outside the pot to avoid yellowing and blackening on the outer surface of the pot.
3. Do not cook in an empty pot for a long time, which may cause fire and deformation of the pot.
4. The food capacity should be controlled at 70-80% of the pot volume.
5. Although the pot has strong acid-base resistance and excellent performance, it should also avoid placing strong acid-base food for as long as possible.

In addition, pay attention to < br / > The pot doesn't need to be preheated. Pour in the oil, put in the ingredients, cover the lid, and then fire. Wait for the lid to float or steam to come out of the edge of the pot, the dish will be fine. Of course, don't forget to add spices at the end.
If the dish is just washed, it can be put into the pot without adding water; if the dish has been washed for a while, it needs to add some water.
If the fried dishes need to be thickened with raw meal or soy sauce, you must add some water in the pot first.
It can also be used to stir fry vegetables with hot oil. However, if you stir fry vegetables with hot oil, the oil drops will splash and there will be oil smoke. When cooking in a cold oil pot and covering the lid, not only can you avoid splashing oil drops, but also you can reduce 70 to 80 percent of the oil smoke.
If you need to stir fry with onion or ginger, you can use hot oil to stir fry. However, you need to pay attention to the fact that you can add a little oil, put the onion and ginger into the pot and explode them. If you like to eat more oil, you can refuel them. After refuelling, you should immediately cover the pot cover to avoid splashing of oil drops.

What's more, the stainless steel pot with two handles will burn your hands when cooking food on the gas stove?
The handle adopts the heat insulation spot welding design. The wall of the boiler does not heat transfer to the handle. It is placed on the gas stove to cook. Because of the heat radiation of the gas, the handle will be slightly hot: < br / > - when the pot is cooking food in the gas stove, the fire is too large, the flame is running, and the heat radiation of the gas stove itself causes the handle to burn. Therefore, it must be recommended to use small and medium fire.
- for all stainless steel products cooked on gas stoves, even the world's top brand of all steel pots and pans will be slightly hot due to the thermal radiation of gas stoves. But compared with other brands of all steel pots and pans, the handle of our pots and pans adopts spot welding design, and the distance between the handle and the body of the pot has been scientifically measured, so the hot hand situation is much better than other brands of pots and pans.