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At the end of the 19th century, during queen Victoria's period, under the influence of the industrial revolution, the living standard of the British people has been improved unprecedently. People are no longer confined to the need for food, more and more people began to pursue quality of life. Especially in the diet, delicious and healthy, become the trend.
In addition to the choice of ingredients, the quality of kitchen utensils has also become the focus of public attention. - as a supplier to the royal family, katon kitchenware has long been in the public eye. Noble and elegant royal demeanor, refined and perfect taste of the royal family, has become a popular craze. Because of the popularity of the caton brand, caton kitchenware producers, the sixth generation of the caton family Guide fame immediately four. Especially at a royal dinner, Guide brought a set of his latest creations to cook, and the food was praised by the queen and members of the royal family. Queen Victoria gave the Guide the following evaluation -- Quality Life Creater, that is, "Quality Life creator ", since then, people's name became "Quality Life Guide".
In order to thank the queen's commendation, to comply with the public's voice, Guide decided to formally change the brand name to "QG". At this point, QG has not only become the British royal family's designated kitchenware supply brand, but also been regarded as a high-end kitchenware brand enjoying a high reputation in the UK.
With the development of The Times, QG kitchenware in the choice of technology, material facing new challenges. In 2000, after in-depth understanding of nanomaterials and aerospace science and technology, QG kitchen decided to take this as the research and development direction of products, and developed a series of composite steel POTS with rapid and even heat conduction and fresh food locking. New fashion technology, for QG is a subversive revolution, it makes the efficacy of kitchen utensils and appliances is not only to maintain the nutrition of food, delicious, but also to change people's dirty kitchen stereotypes, let clean and comfortable enjoy, become the goal of kitchen life. Nowadays, QG kitchenware, which integrates British royal style, modern technology fashion and comfortable and perfect experience, has entered the Chinese market. Combining with the requirements of Chinese cuisine, it has become the best choice for more and more Chinese people to choose comfortable kitchen experience.