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Stainless steel wok has to remember three details

Yesterday, there was a customer feedback on the public account of some problems with the use of the pot, said that when the meat dishes stir-fry process into the soy sauce, why the pot began to appear dry pot, soy sauce is basically attached to the pot. Pour in oil when additional fry vegetable, boi...

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What material is good for daily use?

With the improvement of national income, people also have new requirements on the quality of life, such as use, eat, play and so on want to pursue health, want to be healthy is a good thing, but do you know how to be healthy? For example, cooking pot, cutting board, eating chopsticks, do you know wh...

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Besides frying fish in a pan, there are four things you can't do without

The kind that the kitchen USES a pot is very much, as the saying goes good: do what dish, use what pot. A wok is used for frying vegetables, a stock pan for stewing soup, and a pan for frying fish, meat, and eggs. Pan stainless steel frying pan can give us in frying things to bring convenience, in t...

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Teach you how to distinguish stainless steel pot with good or bad

As the most direct contact with food utensils - POTS, its quality seriously affects the effect of cooking. The quality of the pot, not only to cook a delicious meal, but also to let the cook more and more enjoy cooking. So when buying stainless steel pot, how should we distinguish its good or bad?

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